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Little & Large Clothing was established in 2012, with the intentions of design one off pieces with the perfect fitting garment for the whole spectrum of body shapes. Little & Large Clothing only produces two sizes: Little & Large. With the idea of rare cuts of fabric each piece would be different from another giving a unique product for everyone. Little & Large Clothing oversee every detail of your individually designed clothing. They are manufactured locally by hand, using one of Newcastle’s top seamstresses and only use local suppliers to ensure the best quality at all times, as well as supporting the local community.

Little & Large Clothing has developed and changed over the years into more unique branded clothing, reaching out to some unbelievable clients to date. With more intentions to move into bigger and better ideas as the fashion world is continuously changing. All the team at Little & Large Clothing have a huge interest and experience in fashion from design to manufacturing, everyone’s input is show cased in the final line.

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